Monday, January 17, 2011

Ruffled Rainbow Streamers

Use the cheap paper streamers from the dollar store to make these ruffled banners. I really want to do this for the next party I host. They are so colorful and pretty. On second thought, maybe I'll make some and hang them up all year long.See the instructions from My Paper Crane here.


  1. So there was this time in first grade when our whole school was in an assembly, with every child sitting in the audience, each grade level given a different color of paper streamer. We, the first graders, were given green. For some reason, I decided to spit on the streamer, guessing that it would bleed green dye. Then I sucked on it to see if it would dye my mouth green, which it did. I proceeded to take my soggy streamer, which was quickly disintegrating and draw tribal patterns on my face and arms. Just about every child in the first grade followed suit, spitting, sucking, and drawing, yielding wet balls of green goo. When it came time to wave our paper streamers in the air, there were no green paper streamers. Just green-dyed hands. The first grade teachers were livid. It got back to my teacher that it was I who started the whole thing, and that was the one and only time I went to the principal's office. I can still taste that green paper streamer to this very day. So when I look at these beautiful rainbow paper streamers, I think "I could do some damage with these puppies."

  2. Those are so pretty and festive! Would be super pretty for Valentine's Day...or any other holiday for that matter!